Morning Mini Lesson: Mornings



朝 あさ asa morning

目覚まし めざましmezamashi alarm clock

起きる おきる okiru to get up

朝ご飯 あさごはん asagohan breakfast

洗う あらう arau to wash

Photo Source: Morning Coffee by Dmitry Kalinin

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Today is Monday!

今日 (kyou) = Today

は (wa) =‘Speaking of’ - this is the particle.

月曜日 (getsuyoubi) = Monday

です (desu) = Is

The kanji used for Monday is made up of the kanji for moon (月) and the ‘youbi’ bit is on the end of each day of the week (曜日).


One’s Own Family

  • かない -kah-nah-ee - Wife
  • しゅじん -shoo-jeen - Husband
  • そふ -soh-foo - Grandfather
  • そぼ -soh-boh - Grandmother
  • ぼく -boh-koo - I/me (male informal)
  • むすこ -moo-soo-koh - Son
  • むすめ -moo-soo-meh - Daughter
  • 私たし -wah-tah-shee-tah-chee - We

Someone Else’s Family

I’m thinking of starting a 30 day challenge, to make something new for this blog. So, hopefully there’ll be lots more stuff coming  ∩( ・ω・)∩

頑張って! Go for it!

My phone can write kanji now!!

やった!! (*^^*)


So, romaji is when we spell Japanese words with the English alphabet. I’m having to use it at the moment cos my phone won’t write Japanese characters n_n

So some examples of romaji:
Konnichiha / konnichiwa - hello (the second version is a commonly used misspelling)

Ohayou gozaimasu - good morning (sometimes instead of ‘ou’ an ‘o’ with a line above it is used)

Konbanha / konbanwa - good evening